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  Zoning and Building Department 

The Zoning and Building Department consists of the zoning administration and enforcement, building and construction permitting, health code enforcement, and building, electrical, and housing code enforcement functions of the Village, including the Building/Health Commissioner and the Electrical Inspector. 


Village of Riverview Building Department Schedule of Fees



Building Inspections 


The Village Code requires that property owners apply for a Building Inspection prior to new occupants or a

change in ownership.




The Building/Health Commissioner is usually available to schedule an inspection within 24 hours.  The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the property is in good, clean condition and that the property meets all current Code requirements prior to occupancy.  The cost for the initial property inspection is $50.


Residential Inspection Application Form


Commercial Building Inspection Form 


Building Permits


The Village Code states that "no building shall be erected, contstructed, structurally altered, or remodeled" until a building permit has been obtained.  Applications for a building permit are available at City Hall.  The fee varies in accordance with the type of work being done.  A drawing or sketch showing the proposed improvements and approximate location on the property must be submitted with the application.  Building permit fees vary by the type of work being done.


Building Permit Application


Occupancy Permits  


The Village of Riverview requires that residents obtain an occupancy permit.  If the residence is rental property, the office will need to see a letter from the property owner allowing occupancy or a copy of the lease.  The cost of the occupancy permit is $40.


Occupancy Permit Application 



Planning and Zoning Commission  


The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of at least 5 citizen members appointed by the Board of Trustees, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, a member of the Board of Trustees, and the Building Commissioner.  The Planning and Zoning Commission hears certain matters and makes recommendations on those matters to the Board of Trustees.  The Planning and Zoning Commission does not meet on a regular basis, meetings are called as needed.


Planning and Zoning Petition Application 



Board of Adjustment 


The Board of Adjustment consists of 5 citizen members appointed by the Board of Trustees to hear and decide certain Zoning Code matters.  The Board of Adjustment does not meet on a regular basis, meetings are called as needed.


Board of Adjustment Hearing Request Application







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